The Levels' Best is a Community Interest community (No. 07317134). It owns the Levels' Best Trade Mark and runs the Levels' Food & Drink Business Network.

Producers that satisfy the testing standards of the Charter (Download Charter) can use the Registered Collective Trade Mark No. 2412506.

The area of focus for the Levels' Best projects is the 114 parishes (download map) across approximately 260 sq. miles that make up the Somerset Levels.

The Levels’ Best Community Interest Company manages this website and The Levels Food and Drink Business Network for the mutual benefit of producers, consumers, conservation, local food & drink and tourism industries across the Somerset Levels and Moors as well as businesses further a field directly associated with Levels’ Best.


The Levels' Best Team

Here is an overview of the Level's Best team

Board Members

Clare Simpson - Director

Guy Smith - Director  

Pinncale Accountacny Services is the Company Secretaury.

Steering Group Members
Ian Upshall Owner: The Village Stores at Stoke St Gregory. His skills in planning, financial control and knowledge management are being used to help establish Levels’ Best as a credible and sustainable network which will aid similar rural businesses in the Somerset Levels.

Howard Martin Director: Tor Food Consultancy Ltd. He has worked for multi-national food companies and helped develop “Red Tractor” Assurance Schemes. Also involved in Organic, Freedom Foods, Fair Trade, Environment Agency Licensing, Ethical Trading & Corporate Social Responsibility Procedures

Guy Smith: Co-owner of Smith and Evans who are Sparkling and Still wine makers based in Aller. He also works as a wine trader dealing with major multiples and bottlers  in international markets specialising in New Zealand and France. 

NEW MEMBERS to the Steering Group are welcome.  As the Network grows and the scope of work throughout the local food supply chain increases - there is always an opportunity to help 'steer'.  Anyone intereseted please contact us via [email protected]


The Steering Group is grateful to the Levels and Moors Local Action Group for helping to fund the development of this website.

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